Wrath of the Righteous

Disaster in Kenebres

Shit pops off

The city of Kenebres draws many for the week-long festival of Armasse. The holiday, originally sacred to the followers of Aroden, is still observed by the faithful of Iomedae. With the city filled to bursting with crusaders, clergy, and hosts of commoners there to enjoy the festivities, or provide for them, disaster could not have come at a worse time.

Suddenly, and without warning the tower containing the Ward Stone of Kenebres exploded in a powerful blast and the Storm King, Khorramzadeh, fell upon Kenebres in full fury. The silver dragon, Tarendalev took to the skies to combat the arch demon but the fight turned quickly against her. As the demonic assault worsened, the ground beneath St. Clydwell’s Square was rent, and great masses of people fell into the depths below. Despite the savagery of Khorramzadeh’s attacks, Tarendalev seemed to notice a few of those in the crowd and, reaching out, magically slowed their fall into darkness.

Returning to consciousness shortly after the earth closed above them, our heroes find themselves in a massive cavern, surrounded by the dead. Taking stock of the situation, the survivors band together: Joratul, a young and eager paladin of Iomedae; Arkaedy, a merchant’s son; Dartoris an unwilling oracle; Rylos, a confident war priest of Gorum; and Mara, a sullen Tiefling with the touch of sorcery. Each of these seem to have attracted Tarendalev’s attention, and have fallen unscathed. Less fortunate are young Anven, Horgus, a prickly city noble, and Arvashniel, a gruff elf who carries himself with an air of authority, though he has lost his eyes in the destruction. With little time for introduction, the party sets off down the tunnels, hoping to make it to daylight.


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