Horgus Gwerm

Noble of Kenabres and Businessman


CR: 2
Male human aristocrat 4
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init: –1; Senses: Perception +2

AC: 13, Touch: 9, Flat-footed: 13 (+4 Armor; –1 Dex)
HP: 18 (4d8)
Fort: +2, Ref: +1, Will: +5

Speed: 30 ft.
Melee: unarmed strike + 4 (1d3+1) OR mwk rapier + 6 (1d6+1)

Many of Horgus’s resources have survived Kenabres’s fall intact, and he still retains several of his business contacts and relationships in the surrounding areas. By leveraging these, and his own skill at managing resources, Horgus reduces the company’s Consumption rate by -2.

Horgus prefers to avoid combat. If possible, he finds a good place to hide to wait out a fight. Despite his cowardice, Horgus enjoys shouting advice to his companions from the safety of a defensible location. If forced into combat, Horgus demands a rapier—the weapon with which he’s trained the most (although more as a way to show off than to actually fight). Without a rapier, he’s forced to use his fists or whatever weapon he can scavenge.

Horgus flees or surrenders if reduced to fewer than 12 hit points.

Str: 12, Dex: 9, Con: 10, Int: 16, Wis: 11, Cha: 8
Base Atk: +3; CMB: +4; CMD: 13
Feats: Alertness, Persuasive, Weapon Focus (rapier)
Skills: Appraise +10, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (geography) +10, Knowledge (local) +10, Knowledge (nobility) +10, Knowledge (religion) +10, Perception +2, Sense Motive +9
Languages: Azlanti, Celestial, Common, Hallit
Gear: cloak of resistance +1, mwk chain shirt, mwk rapier, belt pouch, signet ring, noble’s outfit, waterskin (full of fine wine), jade brooch (120 gp), two pearls (100 gp each), silk handkerchief (10 gp), silver amulet (75 gp), 17 pp


Horgus Gwerm

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