Wrath of the Righteous

Journey through the Depths
Shit gets deadly

Proceeding into the darkness, the group quickly encounters what appears to be a giant spider blocking their path. As they carefully approach, Arkaedy realizes the spider is dead, but it’s carcass still moves. The cause is apparent after two giant maggots, the size of large dogs burst from the spider’s corpse and attack Joratul. The mighty soldier is completely unfazed and dispatches both with his massive sword. When a third maggot appears, Joratul’s blade silences it as well.

Moving on the group sees what appears to be a satchel, on a high ledge above them. Arkaedy’s legs aren’t quite up to the challenge, but Rylos is able to scramble to the ledge, bringing down a finely made backpack complete with rations. As the group continues on, Rylos decides to backtrack and search another chamber, though the others are uninterested. This decision proves disastrous, as Rylos is beset by two giant cockroaches almost immediately. Attempting to fight the beasts himself, whether due to Gorum’s battle lust or perhaps greed over what they might be protecting, Rylos hacks and slashes at the creatures but they soon get the better of him. When the group realizes he’s been gone too long and turns back to investigate, the find him killed. Saddened but resolute, Arkaedy takes up what useful items he had, giving a bow to Anven and a shirt of armor to Horgus, before the group continues through the tunnels.

While dividing up the items, Joratul reveals that he found a number of silver dragon scales where they first fell. The group discovers that they each feel drawn to one of them, and understand that they can use the magic in the scales for particular purposes. One scale, sadly, remains unclaimed as the party’s number is diminished. This scale, however, is active and pulls in the direction of the tunnel. The party sets off to see what they may find.

After a couple of hours, the group comes to a fork in the tunnel. In one direction, a faint green light can be seen and the adventurers feel slightly uneasy. However, the remaining silver scale seems drawn in this direction, and the party cautiously moves towards the faint glow. Regardless, the group decides to investigate and soon comes upon a half-orc laying unconscious in the tunnel. Upon waking, he identifies himself as Romed. The dragon scale seems quieted in his presence, so the party gifted him the scale and asked if he would join their quest for sky.

The tunnel where Romed was found opened into a wide chamber with an old chapel of Torag within. Thinking it a good place to rest, the party attempted to force open the steadfast door, only to be beset by giant flies. Joratul immediately set about with his sword and Romed rushed in to land a telling blow. The rest of the party held back near the wounded as Arkaedy went to work with his rapier. The response of the giant vermin was too much for Romed, however, who fell wounded as Joratul completed his gory work.

Dartoris, revealing his divine connection with the power of Life, was able to restore Romed to consciousness, though he remained wounded. The party was eventually able to force open the door, to find a vestibule with a holy symbol of Torag and a basin of holy water. Horgus began to scoff at this, which seemed to upset Anven greatly. Words were exchanged, and after Anven accused Horgus of being embarrassed of his faith, the stout older man storms of exclaiming “you can all be damned”.

Forcing the inner door open, the group finds what appear to be a few piles of rags. Investigating, they find the remains of Dwarves, which quickly reanimate as a hecuva and two zombies. In their surprise, Joratul and Arkaedy are lightly wounded but a quick-thinking Mara causes the floor under the zombies to become slick with grease, felling one while Joratul dispatches the other. Arkaedy and Joratul are able to defeat the hecuva together while the last zombie scrambles about helplessly. The group circles in for the kill, but their new compatriot pushes past and quickly dispatches the final adversary.

Finding themselves in a solid structure, the party decides to rest and spends some time cleaning out the desecrated chapel. Feeling heartened by their good deed, the party gets some much-needed rest, ready to venture out in search of daylight, and the wayward Horgus, in the morning.

Disaster in Kenebres
Shit pops off

The city of Kenebres draws many for the week-long festival of Armasse. The holiday, originally sacred to the followers of Aroden, is still observed by the faithful of Iomedae. With the city filled to bursting with crusaders, clergy, and hosts of commoners there to enjoy the festivities, or provide for them, disaster could not have come at a worse time.

Suddenly, and without warning the tower containing the Ward Stone of Kenebres exploded in a powerful blast and the Storm King, Khorramzadeh, fell upon Kenebres in full fury. The silver dragon, Tarendalev took to the skies to combat the arch demon but the fight turned quickly against her. As the demonic assault worsened, the ground beneath St. Clydwell’s Square was rent, and great masses of people fell into the depths below. Despite the savagery of Khorramzadeh’s attacks, Tarendalev seemed to notice a few of those in the crowd and, reaching out, magically slowed their fall into darkness.

Returning to consciousness shortly after the earth closed above them, our heroes find themselves in a massive cavern, surrounded by the dead. Taking stock of the situation, the survivors band together: Joratul, a young and eager paladin of Iomedae; Arkaedy, a merchant’s son; Dartoris an unwilling oracle; Rylos, a confident war priest of Gorum; and Mara, a sullen Tiefling with the touch of sorcery. Each of these seem to have attracted Tarendalev’s attention, and have fallen unscathed. Less fortunate are young Anven, Horgus, a prickly city noble, and Arvashniel, a gruff elf who carries himself with an air of authority, though he has lost his eyes in the destruction. With little time for introduction, the party sets off down the tunnels, hoping to make it to daylight.

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