Knights of Kenabres

100 Knight-Paladins of Iomedae


ACR: 3
LG Medium army of humans (Paladin 4)
HP: 2 (16 Max)
DV: 19 (Aron Kir) +1 magic armor; OM: +7 __ ranged
Tactics: Cavalry Experts, Expert Flankers, Standard, Withdraw, Spellbreaker (Aravashnial), Sniper Support, False retreat
Resources: Improved Armor, Improved Weapons (mwk cold iron), Mounts, Ranged Weapons (longbows)
Special: Aura of Courage, Channel Positive Energy, Divine Health, Lay on Hands, Mercy, Smite Evil, Spellcasting
Speed: 3; Morale: +6 (Sosiel Vaenic); Consumption: 5 (Horgus Gwerm)
Commander: Irabeth Tirabade (Cha: +2; Profession[Soldier]: 5 ranks; Bloodied but Unbroken, Sharpshooters)

Cavalry Experts: Your force gains +2 OM vs enemies who are not mounted.
Expert Flankers: Your force spreads out to surround and distract the foe. Gain +2 OM, take -2 DV.
Spellbreaker: Disrupt enemy spellcasting. Gain +4 DV vs enemies with Spellcasting.
Withdraw: No Morale check to change to this tactic. Take -2 OM and -2 DV for the rest of this phase. Make an opposed Morale check vs each enemy; if all checks succeed, your force may withdraw from the battlefield or act as a Ranged phase. If only some succeed, you may withdraw or act as a Ranged phase, but enemy armies in the battle may still act as if in Melee.
Sniper SupportYour army holds some ranged units in reserve to attack a target enemy army during the Melee phase. If your army damages the target army in the Melee phase, it deals 2 additional points of damage from these ranged attacks. The army must have ranged attacks to use this tactic.
False Retreat
Once per battle, your army can make a false retreat, luring a target enemy army deeper into your territory. On the phase your army makes a false retreat, it doesn’t attempt an Offense check. On the phase after it uses this tactic, increase its OM and DV by 6 against the target army.

Bloodied but Unbroken: If the army’s HP is at half its full normal HP or fewer, it gains +1 OM.
Sharpshooters: The commander drills the army in precision shooting. Gain +2 OM vs enemies who are within fortifications.
Defensive Tactics The commander is especially good at defensive tactics. Increase the army’s DV by 2. a commander must have Leadership 5 or higher to select this boon.
Flexable Tactics The commander trains the army to be receptive to multiple orders during a battle. The army gains a +5 bonus on Morale checks to change tactics during a battle. a commander must have Leadership 6 or higher to select this boon. At Leadership 12 or higher, this bonus increases to +10.

Smite Evil: In one Melee phase per battle, the army may gain +2 OM against an evil army. If the target army is Undead or Evil Outsiders, instead gain +4 OM.
Channel Positive Energy: In all Melee phases against an Undead army, deal +1d4 Damage. /OR/ Take an OM penalty equal to 1/2 ACR for one Ranged or Melee phase to heal a number of HP equal to ACR.
Lay on Hands: Acts as Channel Positive Energy.
Mercy: At the end of a battle, the army can cure a disease on one allied army.
Aura of Courage: The army is immune to fear effects and automatically succeeds at Morale checks to avoid a rout.
Divine Health: The army is immune to disease.


SUPPLIES (Consume 5 units per day)
Current: 3 units
Maximum: 50 units

Current: 5
healing potion 2 uses resource

siege points 6

Knights of Kenabres

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